Rudyard Kipling’s Works Quiz: questions and answers

Rudyard Kipling’s Works Quiz: questions and answers
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Have you ever read the story of a boy who was raised by wolves? Do you know anything about other works of brilliant English writer Rudyard Kipling? Play this quiz and check your knowledge about Kipling's writings.

Rudyard Kipling's works quiz consists of interesting and easy questions related to the topic.


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1. When was Rudyard Kipling born?

2. Which of Kipling’s work is considered to be the best?

3. Where does the plot take place in the "The Jungle Book"?

4. Which literary work describes the childhood of Kipling?

5. Which character's name from the "Jungle Book" became a common name used for naming children who grew up abandoned by humans?

6. Which of Kipling's books was screened by Disney studio?

7. What was the ransom for the life of Mowgli?

8. What is the end of "The Jungle Book"?

9. How many books does «The Jungle Book» consists of?