Quiz "Osaka"

Quiz "Osaka"
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1. According to official population figures, Osaka is Japan's third largest city. Which two cities have a larger population?

2. Which of the following rivers does not flow through Osaka?

3. Takoyaki is regarded as Osaka's chief culinary showpiece. What is Takoyaki?

4. How many times has Osaka hosted the World Exposition?

5. Which Michael Douglas movie was filmed almost entirely in Osaka?

6. One particular way of celebrating local and sporting success is said to be unique to Osaka. What does it involve?

7. Which of the following sports teams is not based in Osaka?

8. Which of the following cities defeated Osaka in the latter's first ever bid to host the Summer Olympic Games?

9. What is unusual about Kansai International Airport, the international airport servicing Osaka?

10. What is the city's population?