Academy Awards Quiz: questions and answers

Academy Awards Quiz: questions and answers
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Academy Awards is one of the most important and prestigious events in the world of cinema. Every year AMPAS decides who made the most impressive contribution to the film industry and award the winners with golden Oscars.

Academy Awards quiz include questions about the history and the development of this annual event. 

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1. When was the first "Oscar" awarded?

2. Who was awarded the first best actor?

3. What is the weight of the "Oscar" statuette?

4. What is "Oscar" statuette height?

5. When was best film editing award introduced?

6. How was the first Academy Awards ceremony broadcasted?

7. Where was the first Academy Awards presentation held?

8. When was the Best Foreign Language Film category introduced?

9. Which category closes every Academy Awards event since 1973?

10. Who votes for nominees?