Panda Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers

Panda Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers
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Pandas are the cutest animals in the world. The sad thing is that they are endangered because of the human impact on their natural habitat.

The Panda Quiz consists of multiple choice trivia questions and answers related to the topic. Can you answer each one correctly?

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1. Where is the giant panda from?

2. What is the color the giant panda's fur?

3. Which genus does the giant panda belong to?

4. What is the main food in the diet of the giant panda?

5. According to a report in 2007, how many pandas live in captivity inside China?

6. What is the size of the tail of the giant panda?

7. How many years of life did the oldest giant panda in captivity last?

8. In what year was the genome of the giant panda sequenced?

9. To the attack of which animals the young cubs are vulnerable?

10. Which kind of memory do pandas rely on primarily?