PayPal Quiz: questions and answers

PayPal Quiz: questions and answers
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Pay pal is the world's largest electronic payment system which allows users to pay bills, transfer money and make online buys.

PayPal quiz contains some interesting questions and answers to test your knowledge of the topic.

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1. What is PayPal?

2. When was PayPal launched?

3. Where is the headquarter of PayPal situated?

4. When did PayPal announce a partnership with MasterCard?

5. In August 2012, PayPal announced its partnership with:

6. Where is the PayPal European headquarters located?

7. How many currencies Paypal deal with?

8. In July 2017, PayPal in China announced a partnership with:

9. How many countries can use PayPal services?

10. Who is the CEO of PayPal?