Pearl Harbor Quiz: questions and answers

Pearl Harbor Quiz: questions and answers
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Pearl Harbor is a harbor located in the western part of Honolulu. It is most famous for being the United States Navy deep-water naval base. During World War II it was attacked by the Empire of Japan which led to the USA's entry into the war.

Pearl Harbor quiz includes ten questions and answers about the topic. Play the quiz and test your knowledge. Good luck!

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1. Which country attacked Pearl Harbor during World War II?

2. Which U.S. state is Pearl Harbor located?

3. When was Pearl Harbor attacked by Japanese?

4. What was Pearl Harbor originally called?

5. When did the United States Senate grant the Navy exclusive rights to maintain a coaling and repair station at the harbor?

6. When did the United States Navy establish a base at Pearl Harbor?

7. Why was Pearl Harbor not used for large ships in the 19th Century?

8. Approximately how many Americans died when Pearl Harbor was attacked?

9. Which ocean is Pearl Harbour situated in?