Pedro Almodovar Quiz: questions and answers

Pedro Almodovar Quiz: questions and answers
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Pedro Almodovar is the world-famous Spanish filmmaker who became extremely popular in the late 1980s for his unique style.

Pedro Almodovar quiz consists of some interesting questions and answers about Almodovar's life and career.

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1. Who is Pedro Almodovar?

2. Where is Pedro Almodovar from?

3. When was Pedro Almodovar born?

4. What is Pedro Almodovar's full name?

5. What is the name of his film production company?

6. Which of the following movies was produced by Almodovar?

7. What is he qualified in beside filmmaking?

8. Where did he move to be a filmmaker?

9. Which award did "All About My Mother" win?

10. How did he learn about filmmaking?