Persephone Quiz: questions and answers

Persephone Quiz: questions and answers
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Persephone was a goddess of fertility in ancient Greek religion. After she had married Hades she became the queen of the underworld. What else do you know about this deity?

Persephone quiz includes ten questions and answers related to the stated topic to test your knowledge.

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1. What is the other name of Persephone in Greek mythology?

2. Persephone was a goddess of _______

3. What is the equivalent of Persephone in Roman mythology?

4. What is the symbol of Persephone?

5. Who was the father of Persephone?

6. Who was Persephone's mother?

7. Who was the spouse of Persephone?

8. Who was the father of Proserpina in Roman mythology?

9. Who was the child of Persephone?

10. Who was Proserpina's mother in Roman mythology?