Pharaohs of Egypt Quiz: questions and answers

Pharaohs of Egypt Quiz: questions and answers
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Pharaohs were the rulers of Ancient Egyptian civilization. What do you know about them? Play the quiz and check your knowledge.

Pharaohs of Egypt quiz includes 10 questions with multiple choice answers about the topic.

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1. Who was the last pharaoh of Egypt?

2. What is mummification?

3. The pharaohs had their brain removed through:

4. What was the only organ left in the body of pharaohs?

5. What is the meaning of Tutankhamun?

6. In the belief of Egyptians, how many souls do a person have?

7. For how long had Hatshepsut been ruling over Egypt?

8. How many children did Ramses the great have?

9. How does Cleopetra die?

10. For how long had Ancient Egyptians been living?