Pike Quiz: questions and answers

Pike Quiz: questions and answers
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1. What is a pike?

2. Which material is the spearhead made of?

3. Due to the length of the pike, these were unmanageable in close combat. Which additional and shorter weapon did warriors use?

4. What was the name of the spear formation used by the Scots?

5. According to Sir John Smythe, how many ways were there for two pike formations facing each other?

6. When did the Flemings use their golden long spear to absorb the attack of French knights with goldendags?

7. According to John Kersey in 1706, what was the size of the pike?

8. In Ancient China infantrymen used a variety of long polearm weapons, what was the most popular?

9. In which century was the decline of the pike in most of the European armies?

10. Who said in a letter that "every man must have a weapon of some kind, be it only a mace or pike"?