Pin-up Models Quiz: questions and answers

Pin-up Models Quiz: questions and answers
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1. Dita Von Teese, appeared in which biographical film about Bettie Page trying to define pin-up?

2. Who was the first African American to be published in Playboy as Playmate of the Month?

3. Which pin-up magazine started in 2011 won the title of the most liked pin-up magazine in 2015?

4. Who is the author of self-published book "Secret History of the Black Pin Up"?

5. What is the popular name for photos of pin-up models?

6. Pin-ups were originally dominated by which race?

7. In 1990 Playboy’s Playmate of the Year was an African-American woman:

8. Who is the singer of the song "Pin-Up Galore"?

9. At what age did One of the legendary pin-ups Bettie Page die?

10. During World War II, pin-up models had a typical makeup style known as: