Playboy Quiz: questions and answers

Playboy Quiz: questions and answers
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Playboy magazine takes a special part in many men's hearts. Many great and beautiful women posed for this magazine attracting more and more new audience. This magazine can definitely be called the legend.

Playboy quiz includes questions with answers about the history of this legendary media.

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1. Who founded Playboy?

2. When was the first magazine issue released?

3. When did Playboy stop to post completely nude pictures to attract a new audience?

4. Who was the first centerfold of Playboy?

5. Where is the Playboy Mansion located?

6. Who is the current CEO of Playboy?

7. What is Playboy's iconic and enduring mascot?

8. Which of the following photographers has not contributed to Playboy?

9. When did Drew Barrymore pose for Playboy?

10. In which of the following countries Playboy is not banned?