Polaroid Corporation Quiz: questions and answers

Polaroid Corporation Quiz: questions and answers
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Polaroid Company made a big step in photography when released the first instant camera in 1984.

Polaroid Corporation quiz contains interesting questions with answers about the history of the company.

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1. When was Polaroid Corporation founded?

2. Where is Polaroid's headquarters located?

3. Who was the founder of Polaroid?

4. How many employees did Polaroid Corporation have in 1978?

5. Where was the original Polaroid Corporation founded?

6. Which of the following devices is not manufactured by Polaroid?

7. What was the revenue of Polaroid in 1991?

8. Who was appointed as "Creative Director" for Polaroid on January 2010?

9. What was the price of the GoProHero?

10. Who is the current CEO of Polaroid Corporation?