Poseidon Quiz: questions and answers

Poseidon Quiz: questions and answers
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Poseidon is a God of the sea from Greek mythology. He was one of the three main Olympic Gods with Zeuz and Hades.

Poseidon quiz consists of some interesting questions to test your knowledge of Greek mythology.

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1. Who is Poseidon?

2. Which mythology does Poseidon belong to?

3. What is the symbol of Poseidon?

4. Who was Poseidon's wife?

5. Who of the following was a Poseidon's sibling?

6. How was Poseidon described?

7. What was the Roman name of Poseidon?

8. Who was a Poseidon's child?

9. Where did Poseidon live?

10. What place did Poseidon have under his domain according to Plato?