Qin dynasty Quiz: questions and answers

Qin dynasty Quiz: questions and answers
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The Qin dynasty is known as the first ruling dynasty in Imperial China. It was established in 221 BC and lasted till the 206 BC.

Qin dynasty quiz consists of ten multiple-choice questions and answers about this period in Chinese history.

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1. Where was the Qin dynasty from?

2. Who founded the Qin dynasty?

3. What was the timespan of the Qin dynasty?

4. What was the capital of Qin?

5. What was the common language in Qin?

6. What was the currency of the Qin?

7. What was the population of Qin?

8. Lord Shang Yang, a Qin statesman of the Warring States period, advocated a philosophy of:

9. What was the religion practiced in Qin?

10. What is the Dujiangyan?