Qing Dynasty Quiz: questions and answers

Qing Dynasty Quiz: questions and answers
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Qing Dynasty that is also known as Great Qing was the last Chinese imperial dynasty that ruled the country up to 1911. Play the quiz and test how well do you know the history of it.

Qing Dynasty quiz contains some interesting questions and answers related to the topic.

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1. Where was the Qing dynasty from?

2. Who founded the Qing dynasty?

3. What was the timespan of the Qing dynasty?

4. What was the capital of Qin?

5. Who was the longest-reigning emperor of the Qing dynasty?

6. What was the currency of Qing?

7. What was the population of Qing in 1898?

8. When did Puyi abdicated as Emperor of Manchukuo?

9. Which of the following languages was not a common language in Qing?

10. Who is the author of the "Suiyuan Shidan"?