Ramones Quiz: questions and answers

Ramones Quiz: questions and answers
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Ramones were an American punk-rock band. They are often referred to as the first true representatives of the punk-rock genre.

Ramones quiz contains 10 questions and answers about the history of the band.

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1. Where was «Ramones» formed?

2. When was «Ramones» formed?

3. How many concerts did the band perform?

4. When did «Ramones» disband?

5. Who was the lead singer in «Ramones»?

6. Who was the drummer in «Ramones»?

7. When was the band awarded «Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award»?

8. When «Ramones» recorded their debut album?

9. How many songs were there on the debut album?

10. Who was the producer of the album «Ramones»?