Richard Wagner Quiz: questions and answers

Richard Wagner Quiz: questions and answers
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Richard Wagner was a famous German composer, conduct and musical theorist. He had a significant impact on European opera.

Richard Wagner quiz includes some interesting questions and answers to test your knowledge about this musician.

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1. What was the first name of Richard Wagner?

2. Which famous musician did Wagner's daughter Eva marry to in 1908?

3. What is Bayreuth Festspielhaus?

4. Who is Kindri in Wagner's opera "Parsifal"?

5. When was the arrest warrant for Richard Wagner issued after he moved to Switzerland?

6. In which year did Wagner complete "Götterdämmerung"?

7. Which mythology is "Der Ring des Nibelungen" based on?

8. Whose daughter was Wagner's second wife?

9. In which city did Wagner build his opera house?

10. What was the name of Wagner's final opera in 1882?