Riverdale Quiz: questions and answers

Riverdale Quiz: questions and answers
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Riverdale is a very popular American TV series for teenagers. The plot of the series is based on Archie Comics.

Riverdale quiz consists of 10 fun multiple choice question with answers about this dramatic series.

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1. Who plays Jughead, Archie's best friend?

2. Who has Archie never kissed?

3. Whose home is called The Thornhill Mansion?

4. What does Archie's dad do for a living?

5. How many episodes are there in season 1?

6. Where was Polly's babyshower housed?

7. Which of the following places was home to Veronica and her mother before they moved to Riverdale?

8. When was Riverdale premiered?

9. Which facility was Polly shifted in order to hide her pregnancy?

10. What is the Riverdale biker gang known as?