Rock Music Quiz: questions and answers

Rock Music Quiz: questions and answers
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Rock music is a common name to the wide variety of musical genres characterized by strong and powerful sound.

Rock Music Quiz includes interesting questions with multiple choice answers related to this genre. Play the quiz and check how well do you know it.

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1. What was the real name of The Beatles’ drummer Ringo Starr?

2. Who was Pink Floyd’s first lead singer?

3. Which was the first Rock and Roll song of Jackie Brentson and his Delta Cats as the band?

4. Which rock star is famous for burning his guitar?

5. Ian Gillan was a member of which of the following bands?

6. When was The Beatles formed?

7. Chuck Berry passed away on _____

8. What is Bruce Springsteen’s nickname?

9. Who were The Glimmer Twins?

10. What was the real name of the famous rock star Alice Cooper?