Sagrada Familia Quiz: questions and answers

Sagrada Familia Quiz: questions and answers
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Sagrada Familia is one of the most famous catholic basilicas in Europe. It is famous for its unusual architecture of Antonio Gaudi.

Sagrada Familia quiz contains interesting questions with answers about this masterpiece of architecture. 

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1. Where is Sagrada Familia located?

2. When was it proclaimed a minor basilica?

3. When did the construction of Sagrada Família start?

4. Who was the first architect to work on the construction of Sagrada Familia?

5. How many percents of the construction is currently complete?

6. What is the entrance fee for visitors?

7. What is the annual construction budget?

8. An arsonist once started a small fire in the sacristy which forced the evacuation of tourists and construction workers. When did it happen?

9. The construction is to be fully complete (together with details added) by:

10. What is the planned height of the complete building?