Sanaa Quiz: questions and answers

Sanaa Quiz: questions and answers
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Sanaa is the capital and largest city of Yemen. It is considered one of the oldest inhabitated city in the world's history.

Sanaa quiz contains some multiple choice questions with answers about this ancient city.

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1. What is the approximate population of Sana'a?

2. What is the most popular sport in Sana'a?

3. How many districts is the city divided into?

4. Which of the following statements is true about the Sana'a's climate?

5. When was the old city declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations?

6. In which city district is located the President's palace together with the Great Mosque and the Yemen Gate?

7. Jews have been present in Yemen since the 5th century BCE and form one of the most historic Jewish diasporas. Where in Sana'a had they initially settled?

8. Which city district has the highest population?

9. Which city districts has the lowest population?

10. In which year did the Ottoman troops capture Sana'a?