Sangria Quiz: questions and answers

Sangria Quiz: questions and answers
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Sangria is a traditional Spanish summer alcoholic drink made of red wine and fresh fruits. Play the quiz and test how well do you know the history of this beverage.

Sangria quiz includes some interesting questions and multiple choice answers about related to the topic.

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1. Where does sangria originate?

2. What is sangria usually made of?

3. What does the word "sangre" mean in Spanish?

4. What can sometimes be added to sangria for better taste?

5. When did sangria originate?

6. What is the color of traditional Sangria?

7. Which wine is usually used for making sangria?

8. What is the white wine version of sangria called in South America?

9. When was sangria first introduced in North America?

10. What can sangria be mistaken with?