Santa Claus Quiz: questions and answers

Santa Claus Quiz: questions and answers
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Every year on Christmas Eve, every child in the world wants to meet Santa Claus who brings presents for nice children.

Santa Claus quiz consists of some interesting questions and answers to test what do you know about Santa.

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1. When was the name Santa Claus first mentioned in the American press?

2. What is the name of the L. Frank Baum's children's book written if 1902?

3. When was Santa Claus granted Canadian citizenship?

4. Who is the modern Santa Claus based upon?

5. Who created the popularized Santa's look as a chubby, white-bearded man that wears a red suit with white fur collar and cuffs, a red hat with white fur and black leather belt and boots?

6. Where was the largest gathering of Santa Clauses held?

7. When did Canada give Santa his own postal code?

8. What is his postal code?

9. Who declared Santa Claus as a pagan goblin?

10. In what century did Santa Claus become commercialized?