Seine Quiz: questions and answers

Seine Quiz: questions and answers
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The Seine is the river that flows through the territory of France. This river divides the center of Paris in two parts.

Seine quiz consists of interesting question and answers that will help you to check your knowledge of the topic.

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1. How long is the Seine river?

2. In which city of France is the Seine river begin?

3. What waterway does the Seine River flow into?

4. How many bridges are there over the Seine river in Paris?

5. Which is a tributary of the Seine?

6. In France, the Seine river is the:

7. Who declared his wish to be buried on the banks of the Seine?

8. In which year did UNESCO add the banks of the Seine in Paris to its list of World Heritage Sites in Europe?

9. What is the pH level of the Seine at Pont Neuf?

10. What is the depth of the Seine river?