Seneca the Younger Quiz: questions and answers

Seneca the Younger Quiz: questions and answers
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Seneca the Younger was a Roman stoic philosopher and the tutor of Nero, the last Roman Emperor. What else do you know about him?

Seneca the Younger quiz includes some interesting questions and answers to test your knowledge.

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1. Who was Seneca the Younger?

2. In which city was Seneca raised?

3. What was Seneca's main interest?

4. What was the name of Seneca's father?

5. How many tragedies did Seneca write?

6. How did Seneca die?

7. Who painted "The Death of Seneca" in 1773?

8. Which of the Seneca's work is considered to be his masterpiece?

9. How many plays are attributed to Seneca?