Shiva Quiz: questions and answers

Shiva Quiz: questions and answers
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Shiva is the principal god in the Hindu religion. Along with Brahma and Vinusnu Shiva belongs to the holy Hindu trinity called Trimurti.

Shiva quiz includes some interesting questions with multiple choice answers to test yourself.

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1. What is the meaning of the word "shiva"?

2. Which religion is Shiva important for?

3. Where does Shiva abode?

4. What is the mantra for Shiva?

5. The following are the weapon for Shiva EXCEPT

6. What is one of the iconographical attributes of Shiva?

7. Shiva shares many features with which god in Hindu?

8. What is the oldest text of Hinduism?

9. In "Rig Veda", the term "siva" is referred to as:

10. What does Shiva bears on his head?