Shrek Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers

Shrek Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers
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Shrek is an animated movie series by DreamWorks studios. It is based on William Steig's fairy tale about the adventures of green monstrous creatures. 

The Shrek Quiz includes some interesting multiple choice trivia questions with answers about this franchise. Test your knowledge on this topic!

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1. When was the first "Shrek" movie released?

2. Which company produced "Shrek"?

3. What is Donkey afraid of?

4. What is the first body part the Gingerbread Man loses?

5. Which princess was not a choice for Lord Farquaad to rescue?

6. After Donkey was told to sleep outside, which fairy tale creature was the first to disturb Shrek?

7. Who voiced Fiona?

8. What award did "Shrek" win?

9. How many sequels of "Shrek" are there?

10. How much was Donkey nearly sold for?