Slender Man Quiz: questions and answers

Slender Man Quiz: questions and answers
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Slender Man is a fictional character created by the users of Something Awful as a creepypasta. The recognizable image of a tall thin man with a featureless face became a famous pop-culture element.

Slender Man quiz consists of ten curious questions with multiple-choice answers to test how well you know this internet meme.

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1. Who created Slender Man?

2. What was the nickname of the man who created Slenderman?

3. When was Slender Man created?

4. When was Slender: The Eight Pages released?

5. Which clothing item is associated with Slenderman?

6. In which horror series was the Slenderman symbol first introduced?

7. When was The Slender Man movie by Screen Gems announced?

8. Who played Slender Man in the Screen Gems film?

9. When were media rights to Slender Man sold to Mythology Entertainment?

10. When was the Minecraft version of Slender Man put in the game?