Some Like It Hot Quiz: questions and answers

Some Like It Hot Quiz: questions and answers
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Some Like It Hot is a legendary movie of the XX century. It tells the story of two men who join the women jazz orchestra to hide from criminals.

Some Like It Hot quiz includes some interesting questions and answers to test how well do you know this movie.

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1. When was "Some Like it Hot" released?

2. What instrument does Joe play?

3. Who hired Joe and Jerry into their band?

4. Who is Joe's second disguise when he reaches Miami?

5. Who proposed to Daphne?

6. Who kisses Sugar Kane onstage?

7. How many songs does Marilyn Monroe sing in "Some Like it Hot"?

8. How many people does Joe disguise himself as?

9. What year did "Some Like it Hot" win a Golden Globe Award?

10. What instrument does Sugar Kane play?