Quiz on Space: questions and answers

Quiz on Space: questions and answers
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Space has always attracted people by its mystery. Since ancient times the greatest scientists have been exploring space and making great discoveries.

Quiz on Space has 10 questions and answers which will help you to check your knowledge about this topic.

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1. Who discovered the Solar System?

2. At what height above the sea level, the outer space starts?

3. What is the distance between the Sun and Earth?

4. Who was the first human to travel into outer space?

5. Name the nearest star outside of the Solar System?

6. What is the second brightest star in the night time sky, after Sirius?

7. Name the layer of atmosphere in which the Aurora (Northern Lights and Southern Lights) mostly occur?

8. What is the temperature of the center point of the Sun? (in Celsius)

9. Which country built the first space station?

10. What NASA stands for?