St. Patrick’s Day Quiz: questions and answers

St. Patrick’s Day Quiz: questions and answers
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St. Patrick’s Day is a traditional religious Irish holiday celebrated in honor of Apostle of Ireland. This date symbolizes the beginning of Christian Ireland.

St. Patrick’s Day quiz consists of some interesting questions and answers about this day.

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1. When is Saint Patrick's Day celebrated every year?

2. People of which nation did Saint Patrick convert to Christianity?

3. As per legends, St. Patrick chased out which animal from Ireland?

4. What color associates with St. Patrick's Day?

5. What does “Erin go bragh” mean?

6. Where was St. Patrick born?

7. What does the shamrock symbolize?

8. What was the original color associated with St Patrick?

9. What was the birth name of St. Patrick?

10. How many leaves does the St. Patrick Shamrock has?