Stanley Kubrik Movies Quiz: questions and answers

Stanley Kubrik Movies Quiz: questions and answers
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Kubrick is one of the most influential figures in the cinema world in the second half of the XX century. His movies are made with perfect technical mastery and can easily be recognized.

Stanley Kubrik Movies Quiz includes ten questions with answers about works of this great movie director.

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1. In which country were most of Kubrick’s movies made?

2. What was the first film directed by Stanley Kubrick?

3. How long did it take for Kubrick to make A Space Odyssey?

4. Who directed A.I. Artificial Intelligence film?

5. What was the last movie filmed by Stanley Kubriсk?

6. When was Stanley Kubriсk born?

7. What was Stanley Kubrick’s first feature film?

8. How many movies were directed by Stanley Kubrick?

9. What was the first Kubrick’s color film?

10. What was the name of boxer, who was the main character in one of Kubrick’s documentaries?