State Hermitage Museum Quiz: questions and answers

State Hermitage Museum Quiz: questions and answers
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State Hermitage Museum is the second-largest art museum in the world. The museum's collection is exhibited in six buildings.

State Hermitage Museum quiz contains 10 questions and answers to test how well do you know the history of the museum.

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1. Where is State Hermitage Museum located?

2. When was Guggenheim Hermitage Museum, a dependency of the State Hermitage Museum in Las Vegas closed?

3. When is the entrance to Saint Hermitage Museum is free to the public?

4. Saint Hermitage Museum ranks at which place in the world in top art museums?

5. Who were first paintings of Hermitage collection bought from?

6. How many buildings are there in the main museum complex?

7. Who painted "Danae"?

8. Who founded the Saint Hermitage Museum?

9. When was the exhibition "Hidden Treasures Revealed" opened?

10. In which year was the Saint Hermitage Museum made open to the public?