Suprematism Quiz: questions and answers

Suprematism Quiz: questions and answers
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Suprematism is an avant-garde art movement that was founded at the late 1910s by the Russian painter Kasimir Malevich who is most famous for his Black Square painting.

Suprematism quiz consists of some interesting questions and answers to check what do you know about this art movement.

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1. Who developed the concept of Suprematism?

2. How many members were in Malevich's "Supremus" group?

3. Why did Malevich create the Supremus journal?

4. The term suprematism refers to an abstract art based upon:

5. When did the Supremus group first meet to discuss the philosophy of Suprematism and its development?

6. Which painting marks the shift from polychrome to monochrome Suprematism?

7. Who did popularize Malevich's art form and ideas abroad?

8. When was the first issue of the Supremus journal published?

9. When was the Suprematism first announced?

10. Why has the Russian avant-garde been experiencing criticism sins 1920s?