Sydney Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers

Sydney Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers
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Sydney is the oldest and biggest city in Australia. It was founded at the end of the XVIII century. What else do you know about this city?

Sydney quiz includes ten multiple choice trivia questions with answers related to the history of the city.

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1. Where is Sydney located?

2. When was Sydney established?

3. In which year was Sydney Harbour Bridge opened?

4. What is the main rail hub of Sydney known as?

5. What are people of Sydney known as?

6. The indigenous people of Sydney held totemic beliefs known as:

7. What is the modern name of Sydney Cove?

8. What is Sydney Harbour Bridge also known as?

9. What is the oldest Australian newspaper from Sydney that still in print?

10. In which year were Syd, Olly and Millie the Olympic mascots for Sydney?