Sydney Opera House Quiz: questions and answers

Sydney Opera House Quiz: questions and answers
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Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous and recognizable buildings of modern architecture in the world. It is on the list of UNESCO's world heritage.

Sydney Opera House quiz consists of 10 questions with multiple choice answers about this theatre.

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1. Sydney Opera House was first designed by:

2. When was Sydney Opera House officially opened?

3. In which year was Sydney Opera House designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site?

4. Opera House stands on the point called:

5. In which stage of the design were "interiors" made?

6. When did Sydney Opera House win the RAIA Civic Design Award?

7. How many seats are there in The Drama Theatre at Sydney Opera House?

8. When was "The Utzon Room" opened?

9. When did Utzon resign?

10. Who opened the Sydney Opera House?