Tango Quiz: questions and answers

Tango Quiz: questions and answers
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Tango is a popular traditional Argentinian partner dance. This is a unique mix of dancing elements from different ball dances from all over the world.

Tango quiz consists of 10 interesting questions and answers about this passionate dance.


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1. What is tango?

2. There are approximately how many styles of Tango?

3. Which country does the tango originate from?

4. Where was the famous tango singer and composer Carlos Acuna born?

5. What kind of tango do the film"Onnen maa" feature?

6. When did the tango originate?

7. Which city can be attributed to the origin of Tangomania?

8. Which instrument is unique to tango sound?

9. The five steps in tango basic are counted as:

10. Tango originated from which dance form?