Tattoo Quiz: questions and answers

Tattoo Quiz: questions and answers
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Nowadays, for most people tattoos are a good way to express themselves, but the history of the body paintings goes far back to ancient times when members of different African and American tribes tattoed themselves with symbolical images and patterns.

Tattoo quiz consists of some curious questions and multiple choice answers about the topic.

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1. How many tattoos did Ötzi aka the Iceman have?

2. How long did the government of Meiji, Japan outlaw tattoos?

3. The most tattooed man has ______ of his skin tattooed.

4. Roughly what percentage of people with tattoos are women?

5. When was the electric tattoo machine invented?

6. Where do women get tattooed the most?

7. Where do men get tattooed the most?

8. Which country has the most tattooed people in the world?

9. Approximately how much do Americans spend on tattoos each year?

10. How many parts does a tattoo machine have?