Telephone Quiz: questions and answers

Telephone Quiz: questions and answers
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The invention of the telephone in the XIX century was a breakthrough in communications technology. Play the quiz and test your knowledge about this life-changing invention.

Telephone quiz consists of ten questions and answers.

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1. What is telephone?

2. Who invented the world's first telephone?

3. Who was the first to be granted a U.S. patent for the device that produces a clearly intelligible replication of the human voice?

4. What are the essential elements of a telephone?

5. In which year was the Advance Mobile Phone System (AMPS) launched?

6. What has been the trend for mobile phones since 1999?

7. When did the first successful telephone transmission using a liquid transmitter take place?

8. What is a lineman's handset?

9. In telecommunications, what does POTS mean?

10. When was the transistor invented?