Thanksgiving Day Quiz: questions and answers

Thanksgiving Day Quiz: questions and answers
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Thanksgiving Day is a very significant holiday in the culture of North America. It is celebrated to express the gratitude to God, friends, and family for prosperity and well being.

Thanksgiving Day quiz contains several interesting questions and answers about the holiday.

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1. Thanksgiving is celebrated to honour:

2. Which tribe of Indians brought gifts of food to the pilgrims?

3. Which US president made Thanksgiving Day a national holiday?

4. What is the traditional food for celebrating Thanksgiving?

5. When was the first Thanksgiving celebrated?

6. Where did the pilgrims first landed in America?

7. Which city held annual The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade which began in 1924?

8. How many women prepared the 3 day Thanksgiving Festival Meal at the time of first pilgrims' winter in Plymouth?

9. Which sport do people normally watch before or after the Thanksgiving Meal?

10. Which day of the week is Thanksgiving celebrated in the US?