The Bronze Age Quiz: questions and answers

The Bronze Age Quiz: questions and answers
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This period in the world's history brought us the technology of making bronze.  It was a big step forward for all humankind.

The Bronze Age Quiz consists of questions and answers about this historical period.

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1. When did The Bronze Age take place?

2. Which material should be copper mixed with to get bronze?

3. Where was the earliest writing system developed?

4. When has Bronze Age begun?

5. When has The Bronze Age on the Indian subcontinent begun?

6. Wherefrom were the settlers that are thought to bring the skill of making bronze to Ireland?

7. Where does most of the tin for making bronze had been coming from?

8. Apart from the use of bronze for tools and weapons, the Bronze Age also saw an increase in the wearing of ___

9. When has the Bronze Age ended?

10. From which country has most of the copper for making bronze came from?