The Coca-Cola Company Quiz: questions and answers

The Coca-Cola Company Quiz: questions and answers
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Coca-cola is the symbol of happiness for many kids and adults all over the world. Its commercials are filled with joy and pleasure wich makes high sells to the company. Even Santa Claus was popularized by this company. Let's check what do you know about it!

The Coca-Cola Company quiz consists of 10 questions related to the history of Coca-cola drink and company.

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1. When was The Coca-Cola Company founded?

2. When was Coca-Cola drink invented?

3. Who founded "The Coca-Cola company"?

4. Which of the following drinks is not produced by "The Coca-cola company"?

5. Who invented Coca-Cola drink?

6. Where were the initial headquarters situated?

7. What was Coca-Cola drink used as when it was invented?

8. What is the only product "The Coca-Cola Company" produce?

9. Which orange juice is produced by one of the acquired company?