The Los Angeles Dodgers Quiz: questions and answers

The Los Angeles Dodgers Quiz: questions and answers
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The Los Angeles Dodgers Quiz includes fun questions and answers about the topic.

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1. Los Angeles Dodgers is a baseball team based in:

2. When was Los Angeles Dodgers was established?

3. What two letters are the iron the Dodgers cap insignia?

4. What are the three colors associated with the Dodgers?

5. When did the Dodgers move to the Dodger Stadium?

6. What was Los Angeles Dodgers formerly known as in 1911?

7. Who was the team captain in 1962?

8. In which year did the Dodgers put Jackie Robinson into regular lineup?

9. When did Coach Pee Wee Reese retire?

10. Who is the owner of the LA Dodgers as of 2018?