The New York Times Quiz: questions and answers

The New York Times Quiz: questions and answers
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"The New York Times" is one of the most influential newspaper in the world. It's daily circulation 571,500 copies.

"The New York Times" quiz will help you to check your knowledge and find some new information about the topic. Good luck!

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1. When was "The New York Times" founded?

2. Who was the founder of "The New York Times"?

3. Which company owns "The New York Times"?

4. Where is the headquarters of "The New York Times"?

5. Who is the publisher of "The New York Times"?

6. How many Pulitzer prizes has "The New York Times" won?

7. How is "The New York Times" also known as?

8. How much does the subscription from Monday to Saturday cost?

9. What is the frequency of "The New York Times"?

10. Where does "The New York Times" have influence?