The Odyssey by Homer Quiz: questions and answers

The Odyssey by Homer Quiz: questions and answers
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The Odyssey is the second poem written by ancient Greek poet Homer. It is the story about the adventures of Odyssey, coming back home from the Trojan War and his wife Penelope, waiting for him at home.

The Odyssey by Homer quiz includes some interesting questions and answers about to test how well do you know the plot of the poem.

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1. Who is considered the author of the poem?

2. What place does Odysseus want to return to?

3. Where do the souls of the dead travel to in the final part of the poem?

4. How does Penelope recognize Odysseus?

5. Who does Homer invoke to tell what happened to Odysseus after destroying Troy?

6. How many parts does The Odyssey contain?

7. Why did Odysseus visit the Hades?

8. Who is Telemachus?

9. For how long was Odysseus out of Ithaca?

10. Which place did Telemachus visit just before returning to Ithaca?