The Raven Quiz: questions and answers

The Raven Quiz: questions and answers
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The Raven is one of the greatest poems in American literature. It is a very musical poem with supernatural atmosphere and stylized language.

The Raven quiz consists of some interesting questions and answers related to this famous writing of Edgar Allan Poe.

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1. What does raven reply to the narrator?

2. What is the narrator grieving about and unable to cope with?

3. Why the narrator's soul will never be whole again?

4. What is the actual conflict in The Raven?

5. What is every stanza of the poem based on, according to Poe's explanation?

6. When was The Raven first published?

7. What was the name of the narrator's love?

8. Which Charlie Dickens' novel was the poem influenced by?

9. What was the raven name?

10. Who was the narrator in The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe?