The Shining Quiz: questions and answers

The Shining Quiz: questions and answers
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This horror novel is third published writing of Stephen King. It tells the story of the Torrance family whose son possesses "the shining".

The Shining Quiz includes questions and answers about the plot of the novel. Play the quiz and test how well do you know this King's book?

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1. Which literary genre is "The Shining"?

2. When was "The Shining" published?

3. Where is "The Shining" from?

4. Who directed the film based on Stephen King's novel "The Shining"?

5. In which of the following locations does "The Shining" take place?

6. Who portrayed Jack Torrence in "The Shining" film?

7. What is the name of Jack Torrence's son?

8. What is the name of the fictional hotel where "The Shining" takes place?

9. How old is Jack Torrence's son in "The Shining"?

10. What is the number of the famous room from "The Shining" novel?