Titanic Movie Quiz: questions and answers

Titanic Movie Quiz: questions and answers
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This masterpiece of James Cameron tells the story of the tragic lives of Titanic passengers. It won 11 Oscars being nominated for 14.

Titanic movie quiz will help you to check how well do you know this film. 

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1. Who directed"Titanic"?

2. Who are the starring actors of "Titanic"?

3. How many Academy Awards did the movie win?

4. When was "Titanic" released?

5. Who played Rose's mother in the Film?

6. What is the name of the female main character in the film?

7. Which main character dies in the end movie?

8. How much did the "Titanic" film make worldwide?

9. What does the main female character toss to sea?

10. Who sings the song "My Heart Will Go On"?