Tomatina Quiz: questions and answers

Tomatina Quiz: questions and answers
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Tomatina is a big annual festival held in the Spanish town of Buñol in honor of San Luis Bertràn and Mare de Déu dels Desemparats.

Tomatina quiz includes some fun questions and answers to test your knowledge of this celebration.

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1. What is La Tomatina?

2. Where does La Tomatina take place?

3. Where is Buñol located?

4. When was La Tomatina founded?

5. How many times a year is La Tomatina held?

6. On which weekday does it start?

7. In which year did the city of Reno start having their own La Tomatina?

8. When was La Tomatina restricted to only people with tickets can participate?

9. When was "Colorado Texas Tomato War" first held?

10. How long does La Tomatina last for?